Season 1

Simvivor Season One - Outwit, Outplay, Outlast
What more can the average person want, than to be sent to a luxury Tropical Island for the summer. Sitting on the beach whilst the sun sets; watching it rise again; being provided with food and drinks whilst resting in a hammock. Well, the average person may love this, but what if we sent them away to be joined by 9 other contestants?

Yes, it's not called Simvivor for nothing; it's all about survival of the fittest, strongest, fastest etc. 10 Contestants are going to be sent off to live on a tropical island where they must fight for survival for three whole weeks. There are various challenges that the contestants must take part in to ensure their safety; whoever wins the "Golden Challenge" will be elected King or Queen of the Island. This King or Queen will then choose two people to face the public vote. Pretty sure you can guess what happens next? The person is eliminated live on TV.

But Simvivor isn't just about eliminating your friends and getting a nice tan, it's all about the experience of surviving with just your friends around; collecting wood for the fire; searching the Island for things to survive on; making sure everyone has a nice meal down them; making sure that people know there way around...wouldn't it be tragic if someone got lost?
Yes, Simvivor isn't just a reality show, it's the experience of a lifetime!