The Island

Welcome to the Official Tour of Simvivor's Brand new Island; located on the shores of the Pearl Islands, this island has history of piracy and there are even rumours of buried treasure on the island. This year; the contestants will be split in two and we'll see the Pirates take on the Civilians of the Island. Let's check out the Civilians Huts first...

Civilians Island:

So this is how the contestants access the huts; a small pathway leading to the beach.

This is one of the huts; inside are small beds. There are only 3 huts and each are accompanied by double beds; meaning that the Civilians will have to share. The huts aren't heated and they are covered by a straw roof; so the heat of the huts relies on the heat on the island - let's hope the Civilians don't experience any rain...

This is a small seating area; the bar is where the drink they buy from the island store will be stored. It's one of the main areas on the Civilian island that actually has shade; meaning it may be a place to go when things get to "hot".

The rocks are replaced with stone benches; this is where the contestants will be gathered for elimination results, challenge information and other important announcements. Keeping the theme from last year; the area is accompanied by a log fire.

The Beach is the main part of the Civilians Island; I'm sure we'll see many sun bathers here...

These chairs are located around the Civilian Island, accompanied by a large straw umbrella; this could be the main gathering spot for our Civilians.

Gone is the small stone by the tree from last year; instead the contestants have a whole new "Communication Hut", more private, more secure; just a contestant and a voice behind a camera.

Pirate Island:

The rivals live on a different island to the Civilians; instead, they live at the "Pirate Cove", which is located at a completely different side of the Pearl Islands. Shipwrecked were our pirates; the Pirate Cover contains their ship, will any of them have the courage to actually go on it though?

Recognize these stones? If you watched Simvivor last year; they'll seem very familiar. Surrounded by the beautiful ocean, these stones, uncomfortable as they are, may be a great gathering place for our Pirates.

The stone seats aren't the only seating area for the Pirates; they have three wooden deck chairs. The deck chairs have a view of the open ocean in front, perfect for a romantic night, or a simple way to relax and watch the sun set.

This decking is what the Pirates will see before they access their bedroom; the benches are placed here as a smoking area for any of those smokers that may be on the island.

Basic and simple; this is the Pirates bedroom. The beds are basic, the mattresses are very thin; but there's a silver line the this cloud; bedding can be purchased at the Island Store...for a trade...

The haunted Pirate ship is filled with hidden secrets; will our contestants have the courage to go on it though? It has been on the island for years, no one knows where it came from or how it got there.

One of the most interesting things about the Pirate Cove is that it has a continual flow of water going through it; which looks beautiful, but the walk to get across goes way back into the island and who wants to walk all that way to get to bed, really?

Last but not least; the Pirates Communication hut; this is located above the Pirates bedroom. The room has virtually no light, unlike the Civilian's communication hut that has an open window behind; long conversations in the Pirates Communication Hut could be difficult, what with the hard wood floors, stone walls and no sun light.

And that's it for the Pearl Island Tour; be sure to tune in on the 1st June to see the Premiere of Simvivor: Pearl Islands