The Contestants


Biography: Amanda comes from a quiet background, she lived in the country with her mum, dad and grandma whilst growing up. She trained to become a hairdresser at high school and went on to study hairdressing in college. She was often in trouble at college for talking and being disruptive. She now owns a salon in the middle of her hometown and is well liked amongst her regulars. She's taking part in Simvivor after a friend dared her to audition, she wants to see how long she can last.

Biography: Craig was interested in sports from a very young age, he played for his school football team and won medals for his performance as Team Captain. Craig had an ambition to be a footballer, but if he couldn't make it, he wanted to teach sport to school kids. He describes himself as a "good mixer" and wants to take part in Simvivor because it's 'every boys dream as a child to go on a pirate adventure...'

Biography: Describing herself as "not just a pretty face", Danielle wants to take part in Simvivor for some exposure. She currently lives with her mum and sister in a small flat in Liverpool; upon leaving school, Danielle wanted to be a model and had a brief career modeling underwear in catalogues. Shortly after leaving college, Danielle has worked for several companies, she is now, however, unemployed and hopes to re-build her modeling career after taking part in Simvivor.

Biography: Jonny was persuaded by the locals in his pub to audition for Simvivor; one of his neighbours printed off an application form and forced him to audition. Jonny works for his dad at his pub, he always intended to follow his father's footsteps be becoming a barman. Jonny describes himself as "popular and ambitious" and believes that he has the ability to do well in Simvivor due to his personality.

Biography: Kelsey is a college student, currently training to become a hairdresser; she always claimed that she wouldn't take part in reality shows because they "expose people too much", however, she and a friend saw an advert for auditions and both applied. Kelsey believes that she could do well on the island because she's not really outrageous, she doesn't have any hilarious facts about herself, she's quite normal and if she can succeed by being herself then she's proved herself wrong about reality shows.

Biography: Oscar is a self-confessed "grump", who can't understand why the current generation has changed since he was a child. He blames current popular people like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole for brainwashing the younger generation. Oscar wants to make a point by taking part in Simvivor, he wants to show the public that old contestants can still compete for survival, he also wants to escape from his partner for 4 weeks.


Biography: Claire comes from a privileged background; her parents paid for her private education, she attended an all girls boarding school. Claire's background didn't prevent her from starting her own career though, she moved out of her parents house after leaving school and started her own career as a promotions model. Her parents haven't made contact with her since her decision to become a model; Claire wants to take part in Simvivor to meet new people and experience some different.

Biography: Gemma auditioned for Simvivor to eliminate the stereotype created by a contestant last year; she wants to show that despite the fact her hair is black, she has studs in her mouth and the fact she wears mainly black clothes, she is still fun to be around. Gemma loves music and plays the guitar and piano in her spare time; she is currently working at her local shop and plans to leave in the summer to prepare for her music course in University.

Biography: James is currently training to become a journalist; his ambition is to write about reality shows in the future - so he felt the best way to write about something was to actually experience it first hand. James wants to raise the standard of reality contestants, he believes that it's mostly models and z-list celebrities that get on reality shows now; he believes that the "normal people" can be just as interesting as the z-list celebrities.

Biography: Jonah claims that Simvivor was on his "to do" list, so when the second series auditions opened he had to audition. Jonah, originally from Jamaica, is a stage singer; he performs in various clubs and various stage performances. He can play the guitar, the piano and the recorder well and claims that all three together make "perfect music". He also knows how to Hula dance and assures us that he will show the contestants how to do the hula dance as well.

Biography: Simon lives with his brother in East London; he lost his parents when he was 9 years old. More recently, Simon has managed to get himself a job working for an alarm engineering company, he started a course in college (which was provided for by his work) to boost his current knowledge on the subject. Simon wanted to audition for Simvivor for a challenge, he claims that he rarely sets himself any challenges, but when he does, he aims to complete them - his current challenge is to win Simvivor.

Biography: Toni was originally from Sierra Leone; she and her family were evacuated when the war broke out in 1991. Since then, Toni has lived a sheltered life with her family; she has remained loyal to her family and has gone on to get a job as an artist. Toni auditioned for Simvivor to do something that "isn't so sheltered any more"; she's done things that her parents wished of her, and now she has decided to do something herself. Her parents support her fully with her decision to appear on Simvivor; Toni hopes to have some fun on the island and claims that she's not really bothered about winning, she just wants to meet new people and enjoy her time on the island as long as she can.